Our Mission

Yoga Kidz is dedicated to bringing the science and practice of yoga and mindfulness to empower and ground students. It is our intention to help students cultivate resilience, self-worth, self-control, and awareness so they thrive at school, at home, and in their communities.

Why Yoga in School?

Since the day that chalk first met blackboard, teachers have been commanding students to "Be quiet! Pay attention! Calm down!” But how, literally, does a child who’s distracted or distressed, restless or reactive learn to calm down, to focus attention, to quiet himself? No one ever taught that. Yoga Kidz does, teaching kids creative techniques and a daily practice to lay the foundation upon which all learning rests.

Research indicates that movement—along with the ability to calm the mind and nervous system—improves cognitive development and overall student performance. The practice of yoga in schools has become increasingly popular thanks to its ability to teach children how to develop a sense of calm, alertness, and emotional balance. Children are drawn to yoga because it's fun, makes them feel good, and instills confidence in their abilities to regulate their emotions. Teachers are drawn to yoga because they see their students demonstrate improved self-control and attentiveness. Let’s face it, life is full of stressors for both the young and old, so the sooner we are able to provide children with the tools to handle stress, the better!