The Yoga Kidz Program

Our program is two-fold in that students receive yoga once a week with volunteer yoga teachers. In addition,  students are able to participate in yoga breaks in the classroom with their teachers.

The weekly yoga classes consist of 1) yoga-based activities to release physical and emotional energy, develop strength, concentration and self-confidence, 2) breathing exercises that empower students to develop self-control and the ability to independently regulate their emotional state and 3) guided relaxations and mindfulness techniques to further calm the students’ nervous system opening the door to improved learning and better health.

In addition to weekly yoga classes, classroom teachers are able to use our Yoga Snack videos and manual as well as breathing techniques with students throughout the day to ease transitions, boost energy and concentration particularly before tests. In general, the regular use of yoga breaks in the classroom creates a more calm and engaged classroom of students who have tools for self-regulation.



Your tax-deductible donation will help build a peaceful community in the lives of underserved and at-risk youth, provide supplies for the students, support trainings for both our yoga teachers and classroom teachers/staff and support further research and evaluation of yoga in schools.