Yoga Kidz Yoga Snacks

Sample Yoga Snack Video

How to purchase the videos:

1. Click Buy Now to purchase all 12 videos and PDF manual for $25 via Paypal.
2. Once you have purchased videos you will receive an email within 24 hours with the PDF of the manual and a user name and password to access the videos.

What is a Yoga Snack?

A Yoga Snack is a short sequence (5-7 minutes) of yoga exercises to be performed during the school day for students and teachers to feel more balanced, calm, alert and ready to learn. The Yoga Snacks for the Classroom Manual and accompanying videos include 12 Yoga Snacks. Yoga Snacks 1-7 are performed standing while Yoga Snacks 8-12 are designed to be performed seated in a chair.  Each yoga snack consists of three parts; Move, Focus and Breathe.  Each Move section consists of three yoga poses. The Focus section consists of one yoga pose or exercise that will help to improve attention. Each Yoga Snack concludes with a Breathe section that re-establishes a calm, yet alert state that will prepare the students for learning.

Why Yoga Snacks?

Children need to move to learn. Brain research has proven that the brain is activated by physical movement. Being sedentary as little as 10 minutes can produce fatigue and decreased focus. The trend in schools is for students to move less during their school day. Less time for physical education, recess and movement in the classroom is actually the wrong direction if we want students to engage and learn to the best of their abilities. Current research has found that exercises and movement can actually improve classroom behavior and academic performance. In addition, research suggests that the perceived “loss” of academic time does not translate to lower academic performance. Yoga Snacks are designed for teachers to offer their students a quick movement break that will improve their students’ attention, reduce restlessness and “wake up” the brain for learning.

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